Weaning off Nexium or similar...please read

I understand that this a not a drug that has to be weaned off, but it seems logical that any unnatural chemicals entered in your body should be weened off in some way somehow. So...

I'm currently doing 1 in the morning, and then waiting an hour before I eat breakfast. I will do this for the 8-12 weeks that I have seem mentioned so frequently throughout the web.

Would it be better to:

A.) Have 1 nexium a day, then becomes 4/week, then 2/week until I'm no longer using it?


B.) As I begin to feel more confident with my old eating lifestyle, switch slowly from 40mg/day to 20mg/day (and even further down the road, do A but with these 20 mg pills)?

Also, C, would it be counter productive at this point (I've been taking for 1 month exactly) to begin taking it daily and only waiting 30 min. before I eat breakfast? Would this set me backwards, or is it okay because it'll show that I'm no longer needing to wait as long to get food in my system?

P.S.- I know that none of you are probably doctors, but most of you are probably have more experience taking these meds than me, so please try to formulate an opinion for your sake and mine. Thank You very much for reading.

I can only give you my own

I can only give you my own experience. I had to go off Nexium recently, as my insurance stopped covering it. I went off suddenly, no weaning, and had no problem.

What does your doctor say?

nex doesnt need to be weened

nex doesnt need to be weened off. you are starting t8o feerfl better DONBT GET OVER CONFIDENT. discuss w/doc. dont be stupid by lowering it or stopping it too early or thinkin you do not still need to be carefuyl bout ur diet. you will seriouly regret it esp. if prob is reelated to esophgu.

H2B's and PPI's do not need

H2B's and PPI's do not need to be weaned. There is no indication anywhere for this.

I was trying to use the

I was trying to use the argument that shouldn't anything which is not natural be weaned off of in one way or another?

Of course I talked to the doctor, but patients have more experiences.

I have read that for it to fully work, one should take it for 8-12 weeks. So, I mentioned this to the doctor and asked him why I should stop taking it. He said I should take it forever, if I need it.

I guess now I'm just wondering if I should do 8 weeks and wean off for the other 4 weeks, or do 12 weeks, and wean off for like 2-3 weeks.

Trymester, I'm no longer

I'm no longer sure what the purpose of this thread is. You asked for help weaning off Nexium. Patients and a doctor have told you there's no need. You persist in thinking there is a need. Why bother asking for an opinion, if you are just going to do what you want to do?

I meant to say in the last

I meant to say in the last post:

"So, I mentioned this to the doctor and asked him WHEN I should stop taking it. He said I should take it forever, if I need it."

Anyway, maybe you're right and there is no purpose to this thread anymore. I was just trying to see if anyone understand the logic, or had ever thought about what my opening post questions.

Furthermore, I appreciate those who responded as the doctor's opinions are taken into account, but that is only 1 man's opinion. If I talk to a patient ahose been to 4 doctor's for the same problem, then I'm more likely to get 4 people's opinions.

Try, I wasn't trying to make

I wasn't trying to make you feel bad. I was just trying to point out that everyone seemed to be agreeing that you didn't need to be weaned, but you continued to think you do.

As for part C of your question, I don't think waiting for 30 minutes is as effective as waiting 60 minutes. However, my doctor always had me taking Nexium at night, so I don't really know.

What do you mean by your old eating habits? If you want to stay off Nexium, you pretty much have to change your eating habits--caffeine, acidic fruits, greasy foods are all gone. I still have a problem giving up my fruits, although the other two have been easy for me.

RockyGirl, Don't worry. The


Don't worry. The truth is that having 0 interaction about my medical issues would make me feel bad. Everything is is fair game. I'm trying to get out, and about, and back to the "real world". I love the internet, but these last 10 months I've used the internet more than the previous 23 years of my life combined. So, 4 years ago, I had planned to be travelling the majority of 2009. Instead, I have accumulated a life's worth of medical moments, and been pretty much home. The truth is that if it weren't for the "hope" that the internet provides, I would've become cold a long time ago.

BTW, I spent 24 years eating pizza, ice cream (was my staple food), spicy Latino food (I'm Hispanic), I just got into curry about 2 years ago, etc. It's so odd to believe that I'd be able to eat these for so long, and all of a sudden towards the end of 2008, it all comes to an end. I have never, ever been close to overweight, I know that I don't need to be to suffer, but I'm just adding that in to paint a better profile.

Plus, aren't there people who go back to eating the way they used too, once they feel that their GERD has been sufficiently "cured"?

Hi Trymester, I was recently

Hi Trymester,

I was recently diagnosed with Acid Reflux/GERD (which I question and plan on seeing my Dr. to discuss that further later this week), and was given a 19 day treatment of PPI's 5 days of Protonix and 14 days of Omeprazole. After my treatment ended I had what is called a rebound, where I ended up having symptoms that I didn't have before I went on the PPI treatment. For 3 days I took Zantac and the burning sensations in my stomach weren't going away, I called my Dr's office and was told to do another 14 day PPI treatment and make an appointment to see my Dr., I have been on them 3 days and I am feeling somewhat better, but I do not want to be on PPIs for a long period of time. I have researched a lot about PPI's and many Dr.s actually recommend that people try and get off of them. Talking about the long term effects of them, and how hard it is for people to get off of them. As one Dr. said in a recent study "It's like using a shotgun to kill a fly"

Many people are trying to wean themselves off of PPI's because that is the less painful way to go, those who try to stop cold turkey usually have rebound effects. So many people are looking into and trying Natural/Herbal remedies to help with their GERD/Acid Reflux (like Aloe Vera Juice, Refluxamine, Organic Chamomile Tea, and the list goes on and on)

Here are some interesting articles that I think you and others should take a look at, especially those that are trying to make you sound like a crazy person for wanting to wean off of Nexium.





I would suggest talking with your Dr. again and bring up some of what is said in these articles, you could also do some research of your own and see the overwhelming amount of articles/studies by Dr.'s and others about how people should get off of PPI's (in many of articles they discuss the process of weaning off of them) and bring that up to him. If he still tells you to keep taking them or whatever, i'd go to a different Dr. and seek a second opinion.

In many forums/message boards, people talk about how some of their Dr.'s thought they were nuts, rolled their eyes, laughed, etc etc, when they brought up about how their symptoms were worse after taking PPI's, and how some didn't even have symptoms before the PPI's but had symptoms after the treatment. Now studies have shown that the "Rebound effect" is real.

I do wish you the best of luck! Smiling

Welcome to the forum Linz81

Welcome to the forum Linz81 and very best wishes to Trymester.

Rockygirl, You might want to


You might want to Google akaline and acidic foods. Although citrus fruits are acidic in nature they are not acidic when ingested, in fact they are akaline and quite good for you, especially lemons. Maybe you don't have to give them up after all. Best Wishes from a new member! Smiling

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