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'After a series of 3 epidural steroid injections for back pain, I grew facial hair, gained 30 lbs & developed a classic "moon face". Upon discussion with Dr. Stoney about these issues, he dismissed my complaints & denied injecting steroids, only B12 vitamins. Hello?!?!? So, either he admitted to insurance fraud by billing for steroids, falsified medical records by stating he injected steroids, or is an incompetent MD as well as an arrogant creep.'
You state you have three epidural injections. Complications from those injections include weight gain and facial hair and 'moon' face in rare cases. These complications subside. Occasionally patients will develop these side effects, however they go away. In the signed consent form for the procedure you received it outlines the side effects that you experienced as a possibility, and you gave written consent. As for the billing, the billing should be for the treatment you received, spinal steroid injection. Since you reported you had a back pan problem, how would vitamin injections help you??? Therefore these were not the treatments for your pain. Nutrition and support for general health may have become a topic when developing a treatment plan for your condition.

Review of accusation and

Review of accusation and retroactive record review of Dr. Stoney completed. Committee conclusion for this post as an intentionally slanderous event. Ruling in favor for Dr. Stoney. Consent form completed for epidural injection in this case, as per guidleines from American Association of Interventional Pain Physician (AISPP) protocol for this procedure. Consent signed including side effects of injectable steroid competed by this patient. Billing records also reviewed from Dr. Stoney are within guidelines from Blue Cross and AISPP. Based upon retroactive review, Dr. Stoney has met appropriate standards and guidelines for treatment including concerns for patient care, patient safety and administrative compliance.

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