Rating Feedback for Dr. Glazer (566029)

The rating:
'Required upfront payment for orthotics on 12/27/07. Took 6 weeks to get orthotics for foot condition. Still have not been reimbursed even though insurance company paid claim on 01/14/08. Have not received itemized bill or explanation for why amount the office manager said I was owed ($120) is different than what the billing department said I was owed ($253). Docotr promised free set of orthotics over phone on 02/11/08 after late delivery of first pair, and no surprise here, nothing has been delivered and I've received no phone calls about the second set.'
The patient is correct that the practice collected a deposit and she was refunded the appropiate money after her insurance claim was paid. I apologized for the offices actions in the tardiness of the refund and hence, I am no longer with that practice. The happy ending is the patient liked the orthotics and did get her "dress" pair of orthotics at no extra charge. I am sorry that she had that experience.