Rating Feedback for Dr. Toriumi (822011)

The rating:
'I am extremely pleased with the work that Dr. Toriumi did on my chin, nose and eyes. Toriumi is a perfectionist and that is what you need when you are dealing with complicated rhinoplasty. It takes time for the swelling to go down. I believe, better to look swollen and have it healed in 1-2 yrs vs. having it look great immediately after surgery and your nose shrink 1-2 years later to a nose that doesn't fit your face. It is now approximately a year later and my new nose fits my face. It was not overdone and looks very natural. I did not have any trouble with breathing after the surgery. I also want to mention that the entire staff that Dr. Toriumi has is outstanding and extremely professional. I had Botox/facial treatments as well. If I was still in Chicago, I would have continued treatments. The staff is top notch and I would recommend Toriumi to any Star or soccer mom that wants to improve their appearance. My whole family/husband agree it was worth the money.'
Hi am glad all went well nd your happy.
Do you share pics as am also booked with dean toriumi, and seeing pics will resure me.

Go0d Luck