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Hi am glad all went on well for you nd your happy with your Rhino result.

Am also looking forward to my revision with dean toriumi.
Do you share pics?
could you plz let me know if you share your pic/story.

All the best:)

This blog has several

This blog has several pictures of botched Toriumi noses and was put together by several of Toriumi's unhappy patients (aka victims):


Dr. Toriumi is a mean, nasty, sloppy doctor who let his fellow operate on me without overseeing what his fellow was doing -- my rib was stored on the bottom of the side of my neck, and my nose was made super wide, flat and crooked.
Toriumi actually blamed his fellow for storing my rib in the wrong place, and I asked him -- "weren't you supposed to do my surgery, not your fellow?" He replied, "No, my fellow also operates on my patients."

I said, "weren't you watching to see if your fellow was putting my rib in the wrong place." He said, "Sorry."

To make matters worse, Toriumi was supposed to relocate my rib to the proper place, but instead he threw it in the garbage without my consent. He lied to me and said he would relocate it, then he threw it in the garbage. Now, I'll need another rib scar for my next surgery since Toriumi botched me.

Dr. Toriumi has so many very unhappy patients that we have our own support group.

There are many better doctors than Toriumi, and Toriumi charges more than anyone.

Sorry you were unhappy. I

Sorry you were unhappy. I thought him brilliant, a true perfectionist who cares deeply about getting the best result he can. I am not sure what you mean about the rib relocated, but the tissue behind the ear stored in case it needs to be used for revision shrunk on me to nothing. You can easily have that removed. Anybody could do it. My "rib harvest scar" is hidden under my breast and is invisible. I know Toriumi carves the rib cartilage a certain way so it will less likely warp, which can happen regardless but less for his technique, so not sure how he was supposed to replace... Also, they can probably use the same incision scar to get new rib and close with a newly revised scar so it will be no big deal. There are also new laser treatments that can make the scar vanish. Swelled tissue can take years to settle in, but now at least you have tissue to shave down... the nose he created on me is quite nice, narrow... but I did a lot of "hand holding" for patients who freaked at swelling without realizing that the nose changes and heals for 5 years! If the initial result looks good, it will end up too narrow as tissue resolves swelling. Often people who think their revision doc is great are going to another doc 2 or 3 years later...

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