A Good Essay About Doctors & Money

A well written and realalistic piece in the NY Times from a NY Cardiologist about how the business mindset has inflitrated every aspect of medicine.


Selected paragraphs:

"I must admit that part of me wants to see doctors master the business side of our profession. When I hear about executives at health companies getting tens of millions of dollars in bonuses, I am nauseated by the blatant profiteering. As a loyal member of my guild, I want to see doctors exert more control over our financial house."

"And yet the consequences of this commercial consciousness are troubling. Among my colleagues I sense an emotional emptiness created by the relentless consideration of money. Most doctors went into medicine for intellectual stimulation or the desire to develop relationships with patients, not to maximize income. There is a palpable sense of grieving. We strove for so long, made so many sacrifices, and for what? In the end, for many, the job has become only that — a job."

"But something fundamental is lost when doctors start thinking of medicine as a business. In their essay, Dr. Hartzband and Dr. Groopman talk about the erosion of collegiality, cooperation and teamwork when a marketplace environment takes hold in the hospital. “The balance has tipped toward market exchanges at the expense of medicine’s communal or social dimension,” they write."