Rating Feedback for Dr. Alghadban (931423)

The rating:
'I also just received a certified letter today actually stating that he could no longer be my doctor...needless to say...I've already found a new doctor and I am no longer going to need his assistance in dealing with my MS. He was never a very good doctor...always interested in hurrying down the list to the next patient. I actually timed him as to how long he was spending on patient to patient and the time was anywhere from 4-6 mins. per patient. Wait time to see him was 1-1 1/2 hrs! Crazy! I am excited to see what new treatments my new neurologist has in mind..someone that will take time and listen..not hurry you out the door so they can talk to the next patient! I have NO IDEA why he decided not to see me as a patient anymore...maybe because I told him I didn't want to take ALL the medicine he prescribed me...just one pill that would do the trick?! No sleep is going to be lost here...if he doesn't need my business than so be it! I was planning on switching anyways'