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'Very Poor Bedside Manner! During one of my appointments at his office, he had his eyes closed during most of the session while talking to me! It was as if I was keeping him awake! This was my last appointment with him and I found another surgeon! Went to a doctor Turner (not listed on this site) and he is excellent!'
I read your profile he operated on me and I almost died. I have a complaint pending witht he BC College of Physicians PLEASE file yours by fax to College Fax 604-733-3335.

Please contact me as well

Bailey127, Why would you


Why would you suggest to the rater that s/he file a complaint with the College for what would seemingly amount to a complaint of "poor bedside manner"?

Might you simply be spamming the site to pursue some sort of agenda? Doing so does not serve to further your credibility with readers.

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