Rating Feedback for Dr. Spittle (586420)

The rating:
'I have had to deal with this person on several occasions, for personal and family cases, and have now asked my family doctor to document in my file that I do not ever wish to see or deal with this person again. This person does not listen, treats other professionals (such as nurses)abominally, in the presence of patients (such as me), and presumed to know what I was going to say when he and I had been called for a consult and conference regarding an elderly family member, and relied on that presumption to respond,completely inappropriately. He also acted unprofessionally by discussing other patients waiting for procedures with other staff while doing a procedure on me.'

I have filed a complaint wtiht the College of Physicians and Surgeons as I am trying to prevengt him from killing someone. Please contact them in writing soonest.604-733-3503

please contact me: