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'I went to see Dr. Filler last year with a problem that other doctors I had been seeing could not diagnose. I had a nerve problem in my Piriformis muscle and it was causing me a great deal of pain. Dr Filler sent me for an MRI at a location that he owns and thenI had a consult with him at the rate of $500.00. He really had no information for me other than that I needed to have a guided injection procedure. I had the procedure and I really didn't notice any change one way or the other. I think he charges desperate patients a lot of money to do very little. It may be worth it to some, but in my case wasn't worth the time or money. Also, my insurance rejected the claims because they consider his practice experimental. Do yourself a favor and exhaust all other options before seeing this doctor. I'm not saying he doesn't help people, but it's a very expensive price to pay for something that may or may not work for you.'
I have an appt.to see this doctor in July in hopes he can resolve the 13 year long horrible pain in my right leg caused from Pariformois syndrome. Now on left side too. I have been to 15+ Dr.'s in search of help & read about him on line.Did you have the MR Nuerography test done & did it actually show your problem? I understand he is the only one in USA that does this & I want to make sure it is worth the $$ & time.I have asked several Dr.s in Houston about him & they say this test has false readings & is not all it is made out to be plus most of the peolpe who see him,end up having an operation. If I dont get help soon, I will end up in bed & wheelchair so I am desperate to find help.What kind of injection did you get? Steriods and botox injections have not helped me at all.I recently had a pariformis block which took the pain away 95% for 4 days.tried Botox 2 weeks ago & it made the pain even worse. Any info you can share would be great! Thanks