Rating Feedback for Dr. Bodlak (662768)

He does send you for tests, but thats more then other doctors do. I had doctors for years not do tests and guess what was wrong with me, he didn't agree. He actually took the time and ran tests until he found what as wrong instead of pushing unneeded meds at me. So, personally, I'm glad he took up my time and sent me for tests, I'm greatful. Taking me off all the unneeded meds gave me my life back and I had a real answer for my medical problems. He takes the time to listen to his patients and wants to get to the root of the problems and not just rotate patients through his doors like most do while they throw medications at them. Personally, he is the best doctor I have ever had. I work in the Shands system and would still perfer to see him, a non-shands MD and go to NFRMC to be admitted if I had to because nobody but him is touching me!