Rating Feedback for Dr. Falletta (856590)

Okay, something must be wrong with you. Although Dr. F. is not my physician, he is to my closest relative. His secretary for starters spends way too much time on the telephone talking to her "friends" as I have witnessed this first-hand. No wonder no one can get through. She spends too much time discussing her personal issues. How frustrating is that. Also, his "office" is his childhood house which is close to condemnation. It is old and very dirty, certainly not something you'd expect a doctor to practice in. His wait times are ridiculous, over 2 hours and I see him run from one office to the next... any quality time spent with the patients? Not my relatives! He has no hospital priviledges which causes a lot of trouble as he is now retired. Why is he still practising? He has lost records, lost notes, can't seem to get anywhere when it comes to booking specialists - he needs to be constantly reminded - that is, if you can get past his secretary. She also offers medical advice over the phone which I think is terrible. She isn't qualified to do that! Doesn't matter how painful your condition is, neither is sympathetic to getting down to a solution, Dr. Falletta's answer to that is pills, pills, pills. He has turned my relative into a drug abuser because he can't get off his a-hole because he is WAY to busy. Why does he feel the need to triple book patients? Isn't he making enough money? He's retired - go South or something, but quite making it look like you still know what you are doing because it has become quite obvious to me that you do not. I wouldn't recommend him to my worst enemy, even if there isn't any doctors around, you are better off to go to a Walk-In Clinic. His days are done. If you think he is so "great", obviously there must be something more going on than meets the eye, and it is clear that he has "favorites". Shame on Dr. Falletta and his so-called Secretary. She needs to clean herself up, clean up that filthy office (house) of his and take a permanent vacation!