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Which hospital did you go to? I'm considering doing surgery with Dr. C....need your advice. Thanks!

Just a quick response... The

Just a quick response...

The hospital's problems are not the fault of Dr. Cook's - he's completely exempt of any problems you encounter at the hospital. I've had wonderful treatment from the hospital with both of my surgeries. And they even had to call Dr. Cook the first time I had surgery to get my pain meds increased because it wasn't enough, but that's no one's fault. It's just what happened - I don't blame anyone, I'm just thankful they called Dr. Cook and got it all figured out so I could rest comfortably for the evening. I was awake for the 2nd surgery as well so I was well acquainted with the hospital staff in and out of the OR.

Second, you have pain that stayed exactly the same after your surgery yes? Well you're not the only one! So did I, and I've had two surgeries by the wonderful and talented Dr. Cook. The first surgery he did the same as he did for you, my pain never went away and it took a 2nd surgery to get my correct diagnosis. Yes, it was expensive, painful and time consuming, but that's how life goes for people in pain. It's years and years of doctors and tests to get to your answer. Don't blame Dr. Cook that your pain never went away though - you either need to tell him that and push the issue like I had to or you need to go elsewhere if you dislike Dr. Cook - though you won't find anyone better in his field.

Third, controlled substances. You always have to pick them up in the office. Both at Dr. Cook's and the pain management specialist I am seeing now, because I have chronic pain at a very young age in the pelvic area that Dr. Cook uncovered, I must go into their offices to pick up my refill slips. It's mandated by the government - that's not a rule that Dr. Cook's office made, it's a government rule that narcotic Rx's must be made in person and no 2 Rx's of the same narcotic can be out at the same time, so doctors are extremely careful with those.

Bottom line - Dr. Cook is an amazing and wonderful human being and doctor who has helped hundreds+ women regain their lives. He can probably still help you if you let him. Don't blame him for problems that he didn't cause and don't shut him out when he has so many capabilities to still help you when you're in daily pain. I've been there so I can honestly say, no one can save you like Dr. Cook can. It took 2 surgeries for me to find my diagnosis and even now I'm at a pain management specialist. Don't give up so soon on yourself or your doctors. Being in pain is never a short road.

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