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It appears that Toriumi is doing damage control to salvage his very tarnished reputation. If you google "Dr. Toriumi" -- only positive links show up on the first page b/c of pay per click. However, if you google " Dr.Dean Toriumi" -- you will find many of negative things. I'm sure he'll start paying for pay per click on "Dr. Dean Toriumi" now that this comments been posted.

A lot of these positive ratings sound very similar to the phony positive ratings for the infamous quack who is also in the media. Most likely, Toriumi and him have the same publicist.

Uh, DN, Google is not

Uh, DN, Google is not pay-per-click. Its rankings operate almost totally on per-click, sans the "pay".

I agree with you DN..I had

I agree with you DN..I had to laugh at the few posts above 'I would recommend Toriumi to a STAR or a Soccer Mom'

I think it may be possible

I think it may be possible for Toriumi to have some satisfied patients. Perhaps, on rare occassions, Toriumi accidentally does a good job, or maybe he puts effort into some of his surgeries: I'm not sure, but I do know that the satisfied patients of his are the exception and not the rule.

Sometimes, it's just that the patient has odd taste, and prefers a nose that makes him/her less attractive.

Here is a picture of a woman whose picture is posted on his Toriumi Patient testimonial page (for some reason Toriumi did not post my picture of the nose he botched and my testimonial that says that I am devasted and that I was lied to and deceived to).

also lots of negative

also lots of negative comments sound very similar and seem to have been posted multipe times, for example your user name deformed is that the only user name you have ever went with, or have used strong girl, Rachael, and etc... it is so confusing what to believe any more.

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