The "gag contract" Wall of Shame

These are the docs we know of that make prospective patients sign "gag contracts" before they are accepted as patients. If anyone has additions to this list, please add them to this thread and I will update this first post with their names.
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Update - for more on a related story, please see "Medical Justice planting glowing reviews on":

The Wall of Shame:

Dr. David L. Abramson
Englewood, NJ

Dr. Kenneth Cirka

Dr. Larry Fishman
Brandon, FL

Dr. Carol Foulds
Overland Park, KS

Dr. Cheryl Geer
Camarillo, CA

Dr. Gregg Govett
Midwest City, OK

Dr. Ryan Haygood
Shreveport, LA

Dr. Samuel Lam
Plano, TX

Dr. Maureen Muoneke

Dr. Miguel Pappolla
Houston, TX

Dr. Laura Regan
Richmond, VA

Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg
Tarrytown, NY

Dr. Robert Schwartz
Greenville, SC

Dr. Nicolas Slenkovich
Denver, CO

Dr. Bret Tobler
Lehi, UT

Dr. Chris Tye
Colleyville, TX

Dr. Narayan Verma

I am normally the first to

I am normally the first to say there aren't nearly enough slander and libel suits. Share your opinions, and even qualify your hate speech with 'maybe' and 'possibly' and 'I suspect'. But if you state something (unequivocally) about someone, it better be freaking true.

I found RateMDs to warn others of a terrible (seemingly incompetent) doctor I had the misfortune of seeing, recently. I admit there was a small element of satisfaction in doing so, especially given how little other recourse I have. I've contemplated a formal complaint against this doctor, and even considered contacting the government, to encourage them not to compensate him for my visit, since I got exactly nothing out of it. In fact, I am worse for having seen him. (If I'd had a similar experience with, say, a hair stylist, I would likely refuse to pay. So, why should this doctor be any different? If you perform no service, and harm your patient in the process, you shouldn't get paid.) (Btw, I've since rated a few other doctors and facilities, good and bad.)

The thing is, there is a very simple caveat for threats of a libel suit...

"It's not libel if it's true."

I agree it is unfair that doctors can't (or shouldn't) respond to dissatisfied patients' online posts. However, the natural solution for anyone falsely depicted in writing, is a libel suit. Private citizen or doctor, if something untrue is posted about you online, please sue for libel. The Internet is only this seemingly fact-free zone because no one is (well...very few are) held accountable.

I would welcome the doctor I rated so harshly to sue me for libel because of my review. He'd be humiliated by the details of our appointment being made public in court records and the media I'd unrelentingly engage to tell my story, plus the extra humiliation of other doctors knowing what he did. "I sleep the sleep of the righteous," as it were. (The only concern might be his notes. In my appointment, I had to constantly correct him...with almost every Q & A. It was exhausting. Another reviewer indicated he/she had requested his/her medical records, and discovered the doctor had, in fact, recorded inaccurate information.)

So, while it is highly imperfect, online ratings are helpful to others, and anyone who posts false information deserves to be sued.

For the record, the bad doctor I initially rated has a terrible, overall rating based on maybe a dozen reviews. This suggested to me that my experience was not unique. I only wish I'd thought to look him up before my appointment. Similarly, my subsequent ratings fell pretty much in line with existing reviews. We've mostly had similar experiences, good and bad. I will say, part of the fallout from this awful experience has been losing faith in my GP, now that I know he was willing to refer me to such a poorly-rated doctor. I've been thinking about finding a new GP because of it. That's how disappointing the entire experience has been.