Who knows Dr. Christopher Lalic and Dr. Gabor Rob from Barrie, Canada?

Hi, I am looking to find his phone number and address of the clinic, I can't find it anywhere... Does anyone have his contact info please? Thanks. Same is for Dr. Gabor Rob in Barrie.

I did read about 5 new Dr's

I did read about 5 new Dr's coming to Barrie and it gave a website link to "apply" to be a patient of theirs .. http://www.barriedoctors.ca/doctors_accepting_patients.htm (click on the links on the left hand side for more info) I did find a number that you can contact to find out more about them if you haven't saw this already I hope it can help as Dr. Chris doesnt appear to have made the move just the other 4 Dr's, but maybe if you call the bottom number they can give you more details about it...:
Please join us in welcoming the newest additions to our medical community:
Dr. Christopher Lalik, MD CCFP
Dr. Robert Gabor, MD CCFP
Dr. Edward Lee, MD CCFP
Dr. Laura Chan, MD CCFP
Dr. Kian Khatami, MD CCFP

For more information:

Christie Cadotte
Coordinator, Barrie & Area Physician Recruitment
Royal Victoria Hospital
201 Georgian Drive
Barrie, Ontario
L4M 6M2

(705) 728-9090 ext. 41310

Good Luck ...Nikki

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