Trailer Park Boys

So, I was at the gym the other day, doing my little routine. I finally got on the elliptical for a half hour and had my music on the pod set to go. Then, as I usually do, I scanned the 8 tv screens in front of me for something to watch (while listening to my music). Well, it so happened that the screen in the best position was playing the Trailer Park Boys so, I settled on that one. For approximately a half hour I was constantly trying to stifle my laughter but I couldn't hold back my grin. I'm sure I must have looked like a freak! I had to read the script through closed captioning and it went along these lines: Ricky, BLEEP you mother BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP! If we don't BLEEP move, we'll BLEEP never get BLEEP there. THE WHOLE SHOW was like big bleep...and it was sooooo making me laugh. Only in Canada you say???...
Here's a bit of what it was like:

I could never get into that

I could never get into that show and i try'd its just not my show lol

MisFit wrote: I could

MisFit wrote:

I could never get into that show and i try'd its just not my show lol

Don't worry, MisFit. I never could either. Laughing out loud If you can remember that show Coach, with Coach Hayden and Christine...well, I think sometimes that is how we are here. So,I have to put up with my husband watching Trailer Park Boys, Family Guy, and South Park! I was passionate about hating those shows even though I never really watched a full episode. Eye-wink I gave up recently ...and now, I think the TPB is some of the funniest carp on tv.

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