Rating Feedback for Dr. Simpson (675250)

Lets see, his staff is 2 with RNY, and 3 with Lapbands. I don't think that constitutes him trying to pull one over on you. DR Simpson has done all those other surgeries, but now only does the Lapband because he feels it is the safest. I know because I was a DS patient and have since had the lapband. You know why he doesn't do those other ones.... because he saw patients not listen to him and get dangerously sick and he can not stand to see his patients suffer. I have seen that man sit on the side of a sick womans bed for days because he was so worried about her. Now how can that be not a CARING doctor. Yes, get a new doctor because if I have my way, I will be referring many more to him and we need the office time for people who are looking to get better in life, not be mean. I am sorry you felt you needed to say what you did, but now I had to say what I said.