Rating Feedback for Dr. Kim (708229)


I'm sorry you had a negative experience-- but are you sure you are talking about Dr. David E Kim?? Thre are several Dr. Kim's (and even Dr. David Kims). I have a lot of experience with him and he is the type of doctor who ALWAYS addresses concerns if a patient is unhappy. I know several dozens of women who have gone to him and he has always addressed their issues if they had certain things they were unhappy with.
I would suggest you give him a call or email him (he replies to emails personally) and tell him you are unsatisfied. There are many doctors out there who disregard their patients' feelings but really, he is not one of them.
Sorry to impose on your review but this really struck me as weird because he is really very different than what you describe.

Also- you should know that no surgery is ever without risk. Sometimes, we can have an image of the results we want, but they are not realistic for US and our own body types. Seriously-- give him a call and see what he says. I doubt he will not want to do anything about it. The best advertising for doctors is word of mouth. A smart surgeon wouldn't let an unsatisfied customer remain unsatisfied.

I hope you get your issue resolved!