What doctor is good at Rhinoplasty Revisions in Canada??

I had a botched nose job and need a revision surgery. I have looked in to Dr. Keohane (Alberta), Drs Younger and Kibblewhite (Vancouver) but its hard to find alot of info on these doctors. If you know anything about them, or can recommend someone, please help. Thank you.

here is the link to the

here is the link to the canadian rhino forum: http://www.revisionrhinoplasty.readywebsites.com/page/page/3155165.htm

Thanks for responding, I've

Thanks for responding, I've tried posting on that site and no answer. It doesn't seem that busy. I tried makemeheal.com and got a bit of info, but there must be more people out there using these doctors.

Ive had rhinoplasty surgery

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Ive had rhinoplasty surgery performed by Doctor Andrew Barlett in Richmond BC a suburb of Vancouver He does have a website and a consutation fee I was quite happy withe results after the swelling went down He does specialise in Rhinoplasty I also had otoplasty done by him but wasnt happy with the end result

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