Dr. Farzad Tanha

After looking at the College of Physicians and Surgeons for a new GP I thought I would check out the Drs that have recently been brought up on charges etc,lo and behold there is my Dads Neurologist,Dr. Tanha,so I check out his ratings at Ratemds and all except for one are glowing,WHAT!!We know of at least 4 other people that have seen him and will not go back,He is very pompous and wanted to start playing with the drugs that my Dad was on that my Dads Cardiologist had put him on,he was impatient with my parents(they are elderly and Dad has alzheimers) and would not explain what and why he was putting my Dad on a med,they had to see the family DR.after the appt. with Dr. Tanha for correct dosing etc.