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Do you know of anybody who had an arm lift with her?

MK do you know anybody who

MK do you know anybody who received a brachioplasty( arm lift) from her? Please reply

I did a breast aug and

I did a breast aug and revision with her, not brachioplasty, but she butchered me too. I just took my angry review down as I still have to see her this week to have sticthes out, etc. but i will put it back up once I'm done with her once and for all. I had her do a revision of my right breast after aug as it had no crease under it. in putting in a crease she delete the bottom half of my breast and created a puckering of skin under my arm pit. How she could let me leave the operating room like that is astounding. She is so tight-lipped, I wonder, in hindsight, if it's because she has so many unhappy patients she's learned to say as little as possible so as not to be sued? I will ask her to refund my money so I can have this repaired by a better doc but I doubt she'll agree.

Just wanted to reach out to you (and vent!) and let you know you're not the only one.

All the best to you,

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