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My practice is named CAREFIRST because I believe that quality patient care is my first priority. I provide more time & better care to my patients than most practices.

The best doctor to go to

The best doctor to go to during pregnancy. I am currently pregnant and it is a pleasure to go for my scheduled visits. Not only does she answer all the questions but also spends a lot of time with every single patient as the need arises. She is very caring and patient and never snubs back. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to have hassle free pregnancy.

hi,you must be an office

hi,you must be an office staff of dr acharya,you are just a little too interested in inserting your praise for her.its very sad she has to rely on non patients to write good comments about her.

Hi, You just need a reality

Hi, You just need a reality check....First of all, how can you just assume my identity?? I have nothing to do with Dr. Acharya other than being a patient.In fact, I am an engineer, nothing to do with her professionally. And FYI, She delivered my daughter in January 2009. Secondly, If you have a different opinion of her, feel free to express it, don't try to change mine. I had a wonderful experience with her and I would affirm that irrespective of what you or someone else thinks.

She doesn't need to rely on her staff for good comments because she has only few people working for her whereas more than 40 users have left their reviews for her. Is there an explanation??? I had completely forgotten my username and pasword and didn't mind creating a new account, just to clear your misconceptions.....

Why are you being so

Why are you being so defensive on her behalf...??????I think you have a lot of time and interest...

For your information it is

For your information it is you who tried to change my opinion and started to reply on my comment,KEEP YOUR OPINION TO YOURSELF WHOMSOEVER YOU ARE...AND LET OTHERS EXPRESS THEIR OPINION.Users are mocking:))at you. The best way to investigate the elusive phenomenon called the creative process may well be to target all the misconceptions, to explain what the creative process is not.Hope you get that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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