Rating Feedback for Dr. Amirdelfan (126634)

Hi, Well since you are dr amirdelfans colleague you are in a totally different situation then us whom do have a complaint. I will tell you the situation I have encountered in this office
I started going there in april of 07, i was in a car accident and have severe shoulder and arm pain, the first visit I was asked if i minded seeing a fellow in training, I said no thats how they learn, so i saw one and he was nice and then i saw dr amirdelfan and he also was nice and seemed concerned, well my next 7 visits i was not asked if i minded seeing a fellow (which should always be asked at every visit especially when you make an appt with a specific dr and then get a different fellow everytime) every visit i had to go over what happened over a year ago, I was never told what they thought was wrong no explanation whatsoever then dr amirdelfan would come in with script in hand, when i did see him it was like a five minute visit and script was ready, basically take a pill and go on. My last visit I actually asked him why i dont see him and he got defensive saying he has done alot for me and that if i wasnt happy i could go elsewhere! I said actually i cant as i have an hmo, then he mentioned a group and actually spoke horrible of them! To say the least the office is horrible! I would call and leave a detailed message then the girl would call me back and say rudley= you called how can i help you, geeze i just left a detailed message! the entire staff walks in front of you about 100 times before you go in, the office is dirty and they take such a long time to return calls and set up mri,s ect...one time they did not have change for a twenty for my co-pay and actually asked me to go back downstairs and get change from the little coffee shop, darn Im in so much pain and you want me to get change because you dont have it! The dr had me waiting so long in the exam room because he was too busy talking to someone regarding fixing his house, and another thing the dr called my work and gave my mri results to another employee! and then had the nerve to tell me after our last visits = I gave you the mri results! well that is his job to communicate results wether himself or via his staff and two he did not give them to me and actually violated the hippa privacy laws! he himself told me he sees over 70 patients a day thats about 2 minutes a patient. Im sure people whom stay there have .A either no choice due to there insurance or B because pain meds are given out like candy. We are not here to defame him but to actually make a comment, thats what this is about. being a colleague you are treated differently I know I work for a hospital and have many colleagues whom are Drs and yes I get treated differently like they will see me whenever i need to be seen and they help me get the care i need, but the Drs I work for treat the patients in the same well respected manner as they should be, Im not anymore special than anyone else and everyone regardless of their "status" should be treated the same.