Rating Feedback for Dr. Loukes (612906)

Many patients and staff have been concerned about comments made on this profile. Malicious comments had been made as a an attempt to upset me and in the course of that had actually upset others. I have until now remained indifferent.

This website is potentially helpful to patients if used to give constructive feedback and advice to both providers and potential patients. Unfortunately it also provides another tool to people with anger issues and enables them. Working in a centre with high mental health burden, we have many clients here who fit that description and unfortunately see this as a venue of attack.

RateMD was relatively unhelpful in giving advice how to deal with such patients. But as recommended by the website staff, yesterday we started encouraging those with positive opinions to share theirs as well. I thank those who took the time to write comments, and am pleased so many responded.

Again, I recognize this website as potentially a great source for constructive feedback and I encourage any such positive or negative comments to be made. If fair, I will try and respond to each and every one of those comments. My end goal is to provide quality care and deliver high patient satisfaction and in order to achieve that I will always remain open to reasonable feedback.