Rating Feedback for Dr. Wardell (350406)

Sounds like you need to do some research on what the medications you are taking more in depth. Pain meds are pain meds, although some are used MORE for specific people, does not mean that they are ONLY for those patients. Analgesics of ALL kinds are used depending on what kind of pain you are having. So if you are having a large amount of pain, by golly you are going to be prescribed medication that will try to kick it in the butt; that should be along side secondary treatment to help the cause. Yes that might make you feel loopy, but you're the one asking for advice on the matter, maybe you should ask more questions, bring in a list, and ask specific questions as to what you're taking and why. Ask your pharmacist, I'm sure they could explain it even more in dept.

I'm suffering chronic pain as well, but I'm just as accountable for my knowledge. Knowledge is power, and I want to have control over myself, as its the only way to get over chronic pain--empowerment.