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(con't)had mouth sores.... Well I took him to the Children's ad they immediately took him into the crash room, gave him a lumbar puncture as they suspected meningitis. He was placed in the ICU and they established that he had a staph infection of the blood (Toxic shock) and would not have made it if we waited any longer.

We called Dr. Schwartz's office to inform him of his negligence and demanded my son's file. .The secretary was very dismissive and rude and said that the file does not belong to us but to Dr. Schwartz and if we wanted it would have to pay $30!!!! She then began to sing Dr. Schwartz's praises and how he would never make such a mistake. The nerve! My son almost died! Dr. Schwartz then called us back apologizing saying that he would like to see my son's hospital file so that he could learn from the experience etc. I was not interested. Rule of thumb: Yes fevers in kids are not always a cause for alarm but if the child does not act like him or herself, it may be cause for concern. Everyone knows this.