Rating Feedback for Dr. Waddell (317258)

Sometimes people amaze me, they just blow me away with how selfish and inconsiderate they can be. Your cigarette is more important than everyone else's time? If you eat before your surgery, they can't operate on you; you could die . I'm sure they only told you that about 5 or 10 times prior to the day of the operation. Operating time is precious, as is the time of the surgeon. But keep them waiting, no problem, we wouldn't want to deprive you of your much needed cigarette or (forbidden) coffee. I can tell you one of the (many) reasons the surgeon was mad at you was that he works like a dog to ensure he is on schedule. This almost always involves not eating for extremely long periods of time. Such is the strain on his team that they are frequently UNABLE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. Imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Now imagine all this and you hear that your schedule is being screwed up by some patient who can't be found because they are on a "smoke break" or they have eaten something. This would call for a hell of a temper tantrum and some pretty foul language. Not very surprising if they didn't great you with rainbows and sunshine upon your arrival, super genius.