Rating Feedback for Dr. Assaf (320663)

With regard to the assertion that previous reviews were written by the doctor or his staff, I can personally attest to the fact that the glowing review that I wrote on 2/6/07 was, indeed, not written by a staff member. In fact, at my first visit, I spoke to two separate people in the waiting room who had followed him from UCSD to Sharp when he changed clinics, which is highly unusual for HMO patients to do that. I, too, would follow him if he left Sharp. Dr. Assaf has changed my life more in the last year than any other doctor had been able to do over the last six years prior to that, one of whom was rated a "Top Doctor" by San Diego magazine. Everyone can have a bad day, so maybe that is what happened, which is unfortunate, as Dr. Assaf is a caring, attentive doctor who really wants to help his patients. I have referred two different people to see him, who also have had excellent experiences with him. I'm sorry that this person didn't, but I had to respond to the claim that the good reviews were fake. They are not!