Rating Feedback for Dr. Daigle (455177)

Wow! 1 for every category. That was deeply tought out! We often enough discuss case management amongs collegues, but I certainly hope I very rarely put down a doctor in front of a patient. If I did, I deserve a red flag. Our code of deontology reminds us that we shouldn't comment on another doctor's action in front of the patient because we might not have all the right information. In the ideal world, the college of physician would take care of incompetent doctors, but the unfortunate reality is that it is next to impossible to 'fire' a doctor. When you see a hundred misconduct by a same doctor over the years, you know it's more than bad luck or misinformation and it's sometimes frustrating and worrisome to just close your eyes and politely resend the patient to that doctor. But if I indeed have a bad mouth, I still deserve a red flag.