Rating Feedback for Dr. Thompson (327069)

I'm sorry, but you must have the wrong Dr. Thompson. I have been seeing Dr.T for several years, often once a week. Dr.Thompson is the most caring and empathetic doctor I have ever met. Seduction, I Do Not Think So, no way, no how. Dr. Thompson does prescribe opioids when neccessary, but is very careful because of the strict regulations and stigmatization regarding opioids and chronic pain physicians. I spent years wishing I could find someone to help, and that's what Dr.T did, nothing more or less. She cares and helps, she DOES NOT HARM. Also, a big talker? I absolutely adore Dr. Thompson, but she is not one for big talk, or even much chit chat really. Dr.Thompson is a very to the point type of woman (which for the most part is a good thing). You must have the wrong Dr.Thompson