Rating Feedback for Dr. Rusen (326714)

After reading this response from you, I strongly suggest you visit this link!!!! http://www.cpsm.mb.ca/profiles/searchprofile/profile.php?ppidreg=2101.10-330
I went through hell with this doctor after the SAME KIND OF VIST you have just described!! This doctor got a slap on the wrist and is still practicing and doing this to OTHER WOMAN!! PLEASE PLEASE get in contact with me, he has NO business having a physicians license. This is completely sickening. He MUST BE STOPPED.

Please contact the college

Please contact the college of physicians and surgeons immediately!!!!!! This so called doctor has violated you just like he has many other woman and must be stopped. I'm not sure you realise the seriousness of this. He already HAS disciplinary actions against him in the past! This sickens me. You have nothing to be afraid of, please speak out!

Remember when we grant these

Remember when we grant these doctors status of God then they do as they wish. Instead of serving mankind they become sharks praying on the misfortune of the patients.

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