Rating Feedback for Dr. Vincent (446432)

You speak of which you do not know!!!!!!
Please be aware that although you are entitled to your own opinions you need to maybe have certain facts before you start slandering people.
Dr's are people too and although I do not agree with how she has gone about running her practise this past year, she still derserves maybe some compassion for what she herself has gone through this year.
As for her "INEPT STAFF-Office MAnager?? If that is what she is..........."
Remeber People that her "OFFICE MANAGER" has also been most compassionate and squeezed MANY MANY of you in on a moments noticed and then suffered the wrath of other patients for doing so! I can say now how so very many of you are now phoning her AT HER HOME! asking her for favours. Just so you know when the office is cancelled then so to is her shift. When Dr Vincent is not there neither is she !
I too will probably be looking for a new Dr also. The difference is that I will not be doing so with a grudge against her or her staff. After 11 years under her care I can honestly say she has saved my life on more then one ocassion has ALWAYS given me time and great medical care. As well as my husband, Children and extended family.
I will not comment on her Ex husband or his abilities at anything...................But obviously those opinions you do have a right to should be kept to yourself!