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Hi There,

Have you tried to contact the Markham doctor's office and explain that you're waiting for the appointment? Maybe you could ask them if they've heard from Dr. Cepeda's office - perhaps they can suggest what you can do to expedite things. I recently needed a medication refill from Dr. Cepeda's office, and I experienced confusion from staff and there was a large unnecessary delay in getting the refill - I have the impression that they are overwhelmed with a huge workload. I've heard that the patient population has increased approximately tenfold - no joke. Regarding Dr. Cepeda - he used to be a very dedicated fertility doctor and a very approachable, 'easy to talk to' guy - my experience with him was excellent - I haven't seen him for a long time - does he seem uncaring or perhaps a bit burnt out/exhausted? Nevertheless, you deserve the best treatment - it wouldn't hurt to see if you can talk to Dr. Cepeda and share your concerns about not getting a timely referral, and also what his thoughts are about your situation - tell him that he seems uncaring - this would most likely prompt him into action. I wish you the very best of luck - I hope everything goes well for you from here on - you deserve only the best treatment...unfortunately sometimes we need to ask directly for it.

Hello - thanks for the

Hello - thanks for the response. Yes i did call the Markham office, but got no where. I've called Cepedas staff back several times, and they were finally able to tell me that the Markham office is booking referrals into the spring. That's all fine and dandy, but i still don't have an appt. I've given up on this place. They are all very unhelpful and as soon as you try to contact them to find out what's going about whatever, they all get their backs up and turn mean, and try to run around the actual issue. If i get an appt, fine, if i don't, that's fine too. I'll be going back to my regular doctor at McMaster to see what our next step in this visious circle will be.
As for asking Dr. Cepeda directly about my issues, yes i've done that too. Unfortunatly, when i asked him specifics, he had no answer, or if he did, they made absolutely no sense. Half the time when i was there to see him, he didn't even remember who i was. Not to say he should remember ALL his patients, but my circumstance is so out of the ordinary, that he should have remembered. I still rememeber my first appt with him - he told me i was his biggest challenge yet, and he wanted to put together a whole team of doctors to see if collectively they could figure out how to get me pregnant. then every appt after that, it's been downhill.....therefore, i give up. He's not very nice either. He has no compassion, and he's always late.

Hi Keera, Wow - sounds like

Hi Keera,

Wow - sounds like Dr. Cepeda's behavior has changed quite a bit from when I used to go to the clinic, but some of what you mentioned, I have definitely seen before. He never remembers people's names - you might have noticed him saying "Hello sweetheart..." to patients - I used to laugh thinking 'he doesn't remember my name!' even though I had been there for several months. I've also seen him always late for everything - that's still the same - he did an embryo transfer on me and I waited for more than an hour and a half for him to show up!!! I thought my bladder was going to rupture, and I was furious that he was so late, but it all worked out in the end and I have twin babies now. He really came through for me. Dr. Cepeda was the 4th fertility doctor that I went to, and he was far more caring and a better diagnostic clinician than the others by far - all the other doctors wanted to make money off of me and just called my situation 'unexplained infertility' - I went through round after round of IVF. Dr. Cepeda sincerely wanted to get to the bottom of my issue, and he did. He's extremely knowledgeable, talented and has great intuition, but he's like the 'absent-minded professor' type of doctor - great doctor but poor time management skills. He used to be very caring about patients and their fertility situations (even though he didn't remember names} - he was very nice and definitely compassionate, even when other doctors have written you off {that was my situation}. It sounds like he might be burning out or something - eventhough he was chronically late, couldn't remember names, etc., he was a gentle, calm, warm person and he was compassionate about women suffering with infertility. Who knows what the reason is for his change in behavior, but I suspect that he's exhausted and probably couldn't get around to getting things organized with a team of doctors to deal with your case (ie; time management issue) - he's probably the only doctor around that works 7 days a week - that will lead to burn out for anyone - it's not healthy to work so much with no rest. I'm so sorry to hear that it has been downhill from the first appointment on - that's awful, and I understand your frustration. I hope that your doctor at McMaster can suggest some good alternatives for next steps - I'm not sure how much time you have left fertility-wise (ie; age), but Dr. Virro in Markham is a very well-known fertility doctor, he tries novel approaches and he treats infertility aggressively (in a good way) - the problem is that you have to wait at least 1 year to get your first appointment with him. If you would like to speak further about infertility, you can reach me directly - I am registered as 'mommaoftwins' and you can email me direct - I was on the infertility odyssey for 7 years, so I truly understand what you are going through - who knows - I might have information for you that can be of help. I'm more than happy to help you in any way! Take care Keera!

With respect to the

With respect to the medication refill comment that seems to be a problem all the time at the office. Also i would not get a medication refill from the staff there because they are not qualified to do that. Only a nurse or doctor can refill your medication and since there is no nurse at the office anymore i would double check everything with the doctor or the nurse who works on weekends. I called in to get a repeat on my levothyroxine, and i spoke to the girl in the lab about this & she said she would do it for me. I called in again because obviously it wasnt called in and the nurse on the weekend told me i need to come it before she can repeat the precription to check my TSH levels. I was a bit mad because i didnt want to go in if i didnt need to but i went regardless because i needed the medication. Little did i know my TSH had elevated alot and my dose needed to be increased.I was happy the nurse picked up on this because it explained why i was feeling so crappy recently. This is where i can see the unprofessionalism of the females working in the laboratory at the moment and this doctor really needs to invest some money into a nurse or bring jade/monica back. After all he is making the big bucks from all these fertility treatements. HAve you seen this waiting room?? Its ridicilous.
Also the lab girls are the people who do the sperm washs too?? Disaster waiting to happen.

Hi Bsuth1973, I'm glad that

Hi Bsuth1973,

I'm glad that your meds were corrected, and I hope everything is going well for you. I didn't know that Dr. Cepeda has a nurse in only one day per week - that's so insufficient - I totally agree that he could definitely afford to pay a nurse to come in regularly, especially now that the office is crazy-busy. How many new staff (since April) are at the office now? I've referred several women to Dr. Cepeda's office previously, but now I am having concerns about continuing to do so from here on - I don't want people mad at me and telling me that their experience was bad - infertility is stressful enough. It also sounds like the doctor's demeanor with patients may have changed. I still plan to visit the clinic with my babies soon, and I will be interested to see for myself how the doc and staff appear to be doing before making further recommendations to other women. By the way, when did Monica leave? I know that Jade just had a baby boy in September, so she's busy as a new mom.

I know Dr Cepeda refers to

I know Dr Cepeda refers to monica as his nurse & there is no other nurse at the clinic (that i know of). She is only there once a week. The girls in the lab are new. Fatima and deemara are still there. Yes infertility is very stressful. I am planning on getting a second opinion from another doctor just to see what they suggest.

Hi Bsuth1973, Excellent idea

Hi Bsuth1973,

Excellent idea to get a second opinion - if you end up choosing to stay with Dr. Cepeda and his course of treatment, I hope your experience with him gets better and that you have success - if you go to someone new, I hope that you are correctly diagnosed, that they are kind to you - in either case, I especially hope that you become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child/children. If it happened for me, it can happen for you, and I don't mean that to sound cliche - I was told by my previous fertility doctors that I should give up trying to have children because it will never happen - well, at 42 years of age, I was expecting twins, and the procedure was successful with my own eggs (not donor).

I had some very bad experiences with other doctors - they were lousy diagnosticians and they were so arrogant. One guy was extremely nasty. If a fertility doctor comes across as suggesting IVF as a diagnostic tool, get another opinion still yet - you want to have some idea of why you might need an expensive procedure such as IVF. Advanced age is one possible reason a doctor may suggest IVF - esp. using ICSI because women's eggs get tougher with age. I'm not sure what your situation is, but I suggest that you ask for a full workup if you haven't had one yet - your husband/partner should be examined by a urologist too. It took 7 years for me to get a proper diagnosis.

Although I don't know you personally, I will include you in my prayers tonight - I will pray that you become pregnant, have healthy children, and find out why you haven't been conceiving yet - prayers can't hurt. Take care Bsuth1973 - keep your chin up, do your best to enjoy yourself these days and whatever you do, just don't give up. Stay determined to succeed.

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