Rating Feedback for Ourian

Since the date of your email, we have hired more staff to assist our patients. And we have a in the process of expanding our facility to ensure that our patients receive the fastest service possible.

In your case, we did our best to accommodate your desire to have your Radiesse procedure done the same day as your initial consultation. Please remember that we carved out a space for you in an already existing schedule. Even with no other patients in the office receiving Radiesse injections still entail a process that may take some time to complete. Patients must fill out intake forms and then consent forms. Once these are complete a local anesthetic is injected and needs time to take effect prior to the Radiesse injections.

It is my personal goal, as well as that of everyone at Epione, to ensure that all our patients receive 100% satisfaction from the services they receive. If for some reason a patient is unhappy with the cosmetic results of their treatment we do everything we can in a safe and timely manner to make them not just a happy client but a dazzled one.

Our 4-step customer service process is as follows:

Level I: Our Telephone Consultants are specially trained to answer any questions a patient may have before or after their treatments. These questions range from how to attend to a bruise to the best way to use makeup. You can call as often as you need and ask as many questions as you like and we are glad to answer them FREE of charge. We do everything we can to provide an immediate answer. Our policy states that whoever answers the phone OWNS that call and MUST respond to the best of their knowledge. Our after-hours service has standing instructions to page a medical professional at the patient's request.

Level II: If any of the questions you may have requires medical expertise beyond the scope of our telephone consultants they will immediately find the Senior Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner to answer your questions. Again there is absolutely no charge for this (FREE), no matter how much time our nurses or doctors spend on the phone with you.

Level III: If the matter requires immediate medical attention or even if the patient feels her question or concern was not addressed properly, she/he is invited to come in for one or as many FREE follow-ups as necessary.

Level IV: If the patient is not happy with ANY part of the process listed above, she/he can bypass these steps at any point and contact the treating doctor or nurse directly at our personal e-mail address.

In your letter you did not provide me with any contact information, so if you truly do have a concern, please contact me at my personal e-mail address

and I will be more than happy to offer you my 100% attention to resolve your issues to the very best of my abilities.


Simon Ourian. M.D.