Rating Feedback for Hill

A message from Dr. Hill's office... A few years ago we decided that our patients deserved to have access to the best that dentistry has to offer. We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking out the best training we could find in the world. We brought in the best in diagnostic and treatment technologies. We recruited, to our office, the best porcelain lab tech we could find in the province. Yes, this has resulted in a need to raise SOME of our fees. Our hygiene fees are $15-20 above average, but the fee includes laser gum treatment and flourescent oral cancer screening. Other offices charge between $40-60, or more, for these services. This means that, in other offices, patients may decide against spending the money and end up jeopardizing their health. Our porcelain work is about $150 above average, but we gaurantee the highest quality result. There is a huge difference between great crowns and veneers and poor crowns and veneers. You only have to look at other peoples teeth (or in your own mouth) to see examples of dental work that looks nothing like teeth.
Yes, some of our prices have gone up. No, we are not money hungry. The practice is no more, or less, profitable than before. We are now just taking better care of our patients and giving them the opportunity to choose the best. In our office you may choose whatever level of care YOU prefer. There is no pressure at all to choose something you don't want. As a matter of fact, Dr. Hill will refuse to provide any treatment until the patient is 100% sure that it is what they want.