Rating Feedback for Galinzoski

While I appreciate the above comment, I would like to emphasize that I do not discuss personal problems or issues with patients. It would be inappropriate for a psychiatrist to do that, and countertherapeutic to the psychotherapy process. On occasion I mention benign day-to-day comments as a form of building an alliance, but I do not, and would not, ever bring personal issues to a session. I am uncertain as to what the reference to "problems with her husband and kids" entails, as I have never discussed anything other than benign trivia, and would never burden patients with personal issues. The majority of my patients are unaware of whether I have children, and I frequently decline to answer when asked about children, as I use it instead as an opportunity to explore the reason for the question. However, it is very useful for me to read the comments, as it will enable me to modify my practice accordingly.