Rating Feedback for Littlejohn

ever stop to think maybe dr. glad doesn't have to daal with ones who are looking for narcotics. if you have dealt with his man for other things you would see that getting medication is not an easy thing to get out of him. does not like to prescribe unnesessary antibotics. almost to strict about them. i am taking ativan for anxiety symptoms and have been told in no uncertain terms that he is not pleased about prescribing them because of risk of addiction. consider how you would like to live in the same town with the people who are looking for the narcotics. have you looked on plummer ave lately and seen what walks around. possibley dr. gave narcotics to get rid of the rif-raf out of his office without any hassles. shouldn't have but sometimes can't help those you don't want to be helped. give it get rid of them and move on to those who need help. office is much nicer now that they are not hanging around looking for pills. probably was very stressful for dr and staff before.