When is an Osteopath not an Osteopath?

Recently I had some issues with my MD and decided to seek out an Osteopath. My issues with the MD revolved around his pill pushing and my interest in finding someone a little more open to alternate approaches. I found one on my insurance carrirs website nearby and when calling to set up an initial visit I asked if he was an Osteopath. At that point I should have known there was something wrong, the receptionist put me on hold for five minutes then came back and said 'yes he is'. On my first visit I tried to discuss Osteopathy and he wanted to avoid it, said a lot of the things they teach Osteopaths aren't applied in practice. I also started to notice that he was identified as an MD on the prescription labels and also was listed as an MD on the clinic website. His office window displays his name as 'MD' Long story short here I am several months later right back where I was with a doctor that pushes pills and a lot of tests. He's not on the web listing for the Osteopathic doctors organization as a member. On my lst visit I tried to discuss alternate approaches to some of my issues and he got hostile. My theory is that he is indeed a grad of an Osteopathic college but the group he is in is mainly MD and he is told to soft pedal that- he's window dressing for folks who want a DO but follows the same procedures. Anyone have any similar experiences?

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Hi Cmarsha,

I've seen several DO's & my present PCP is a DO. Only one of these was known to use the osteopathic manipulation & he never mentioned it to me--guess you'd have to ask him about it to have it done. My present doctor has treated me for numerous ailments & treats them just as they have been treated b y MD's in the past.

I think there is not any scientific evidence that the manipulation works so that many DO's don't practice it.

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(In reply to Cmarsha)Hi Cmarsha,I was surfing the net,for some answers for you.I did find this link,it may not be an answer for you,but I thought it was interesting. Good luck to you. Smiling http://www.iatrogenic.org/library/resp1.html

Response, at little late but

Response, at little late but better now than never.
From what I know, not all American graduated DO's practise osteopathy. Many it seems prefer to rely on their Allopathic training and abandon any osteopathy they might have learned. Whereas in Canada for instance where I was trained, Osteopathy is taught as a discipline unto itself. Much like Acupuncture or Chiropractic or Naturopathy. Here in Canada Osteopaths practise only osteopathy and regard it as a system unto itself. Others may argue against this claiming that the medical background is necessary. But on the whole, the success of Osteopathy in Canada and in many other places in Europe has demonstrated that it is a valid and effective system of treatment that the public can rely on.

Eddy Basch D.O. (Canada

Chiropractors and Osteopaths,

Chiropractors and Osteopaths, once upon a time, were pretty direct competitors. Many of their techniques were similar but their philosophies were different. Chiropractors were manipulating under the premise that they were changing the flow of nervous energy while Osteopath were affecting the flow of blood and lymph.

Over time, in the US, Osteopaths were usurped by the medical community. Most DO's you will meet in the US are also medical doctors. As a result, most of them dispense drugs rather than manipulate as it was still the meat and potatoes of their education.

In Canada you will meet two different types of DO's. There are the ones who have put in 5000 hours in a sanctioned school and there are others that have taken a course over the period of several weekends that give them the DO credential and allow them to bill insurance. Often they are Massage Therapists looking to upgrade their certification. This is not the same as taking a course in cranio-sacral therapy.

Not saying good or bad about any of them - just describing the situation as I know it.

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