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i had dr linda bland in west palm be, fl do my feb 2003 neck fusion at c 5-6-7 frontal corpectomy and then a mar 2003 posterior laminectomy at the same level foraminotomy and wound up with 11 screws and 4 metal plates in my neck and took 5 pints of blood, after i had an ime with another neurosurgeon, he told me that i did not need the posterior op which was very nasty, they cut all your muscles on back down to your shoulders and you wind up with muscles spasms for months on end and then he told me that the dr bland put in the wrong sized metal plates in back of my neck , she put in 3 screws on each side and had plates in there for 4 holes and left the bottom ones unfilled to stick up into my muscles. they have to come out and she did more wrong to me than good, also she took bone from my illac crest from my rear right cheek and never told me to massage the area and i would up with a 5" scar with keliods and adhedsive capulitis which is very painful in and of itself for which i take many cortesiod shots for, also b/c she or her assistants HELD MY together shoudlers in back for the front fusion for so a long time during the op ( about 5 hours) i got a left torn rotator cuff for which i needed a surgery for also. the only thing right she did for me was finally leave me alone, now i am on norco for pain and zolflot AD for severe depression from this witch who botched my neck, no one wants to fix me b/c of the mm cases and this woman has so far been sued for 2 large sums of money and many pending suits now against her with the law firm of lytal and ryder in WPB. i tried to sue her for what she did to me but the attys told me you are the lucky one you lived!!!!
there are too many lawsuits agaisnt her they said and mine would not mean anything. what a world down here in fl. they have caps on how much you can sue a doc, so this gives cart blanche for what docs can do to peeps and many of them do not even have mm ins and say so in their waiting rooms on a 8x10 framed message in the walls.
this is why i will not go to any doc down here as they are not accountable for their actions if they make a mistake, in cape canarval hos there have been at least 10 docs who operated on the worng side/parts of patients and all the hos did was get them transfered to anthoer part of the hosp.
disgusting...the worst part aobut it all was when i found out about my herniated disks in my neck and back ( i also have T & L SECTION THAT ARE VERY BAD)from a GOOD Neruolgosit he was the one who recommeded to me that i use dr bland. i asked him who he would go to is he needed to have an op and he told me her, well i later found out that she was caught giving kickbacks to refering docs as well as to the hosp where she didtn have permanent staffing privleges to op, but a whistleblower in her office told, and found out that she was giving out kickbacks to a top level exceu to alow her to keep doing the ops!!!!
tom clancy i bet you cant think of something like this to write about

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Sorry to read of your experience. Personally, I would head to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN to see what they can do for you.

Taking kickbacks is a federal crime. Call your local FBI field office and report her for violation of the federal Stark Laws.

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