don't come to florida if you are sick

why not? b/c here are ther top ten reasons why florida is THE worst place to get sick: drum rollll
1. docs can practice on you with out any med mal practice insurance so long as they have a sign that is 8x10" in waiting room that says so.
2. Most docs come to this state from other states as they get thrown out of there and can come here to ply their trades w/o being policed by tallahassee.
3. any doc can do anything they want to so long as they are MD's and have a state liscence to practice. so this means they can give restylane injections even if they dont know how or do any type of other surgery whether or not they know how to.
4. lots of older people here, so who cares attitude exisits here, if they goof up.
5. jeb bush put caps on med mal cases for max allowable by law down here to sue for 500K ( the attys take their 1/3 % out of this amount) for pain and suffering compared to other states. if you are a young person who has their entire life ahead of them, 500K is a drop in the bucket for a life time of care for say, a person who has been in a coma owed to a doctors boo-boo.
6. many attys dont even take med mal cases in fl anymore as they have been forced out of helping the public since they have stringent rules as to who may sue a doc and time limits are lower in time here. so by the time you find out there has been a med mal situation you are involved with your statue of limiatations may be up. take you if you ahve been in a car crash so they can put a lien on your case and then they drive up the prices b/c of this, once they hear this is car crash related injuries.
8. severe nursing shortages in local hospitals
9. EMT/ ambulance personal mostly uneducated on how to save a person's life here in fl.
10. very few geniunely good doctors down here. need a microscope to find them!
as a side note, i have now taken to look up most doctors who i am thinking of going to to see if they have any closed med mal cases agaisnt them. there is a site that you can go to that will tell you this information for free.
less stringent requirements in florida schools for nursing and med schools compared to other states. this churns out poor qualtiy doctors.
florida has a 50% population of school aged students who do not graducate from high school.
jeb bush would rather see more strip malls being built than creating positive growth in the schools here. waht happens to the other 50
% of students who do not graduate?
they go to med school

That's just frightening and

That's just frightening and shocking.

I also don't recommend going to California as doctors can practice while on drugs or alcohol.

Also, in terms of elective procedures -- it seems doctors can do whatever they want. many people get mutilated and deformed by unethical california plastic surgeons.

california has some good surgeons too, but there are some of the absolute worst, and a lot of people end up finding this out after it's too late.

How about those "weekend

How about those "weekend work shops' where any type doc can go and take a course in liposuction, etc.
We have a PEDIATRITION in town that also does plastic surgery and a dermatologist that does facial plastic surgery. Both have certificates from those workshops.....neither are surgeons.
These are just 2 that are a procedue away from killing someone.
Scares me to death.
I'm going to learn to love these wrinkles.....

I think the whole medical

I think the whole medical system in the USA leaves a lot to be desired. Plus with a recession on the doorstep what happens to the children when the parents lose medical insurance when they lose their job. A person is very lucky indeed to have a good doctor and a good medical experience these days. There is no excuse to not nationalize healthcare for american children. They are the future, they should be healthy.

Doctors, well potential

Doctors, well potential 'future' doctors require good marks to even get into medical school along with fulfilling other requirements and competing with many students whose life dream is being a doctor. Those 50% of students who do not graduate would at least need a GED, one would think along with a BA, BSc or some other often four year university degree to even qualify for medical school. Additionally, they would require strong volunteer and work experiences, and the med schools would likely be interested in what extracurricular activities that these youth took part in at their undergraduate university. Some universities in the US do have a combined undergraduate and medical program which is about six years of gruelling study. Such programs are highly competitive and difficult to get into, so well there are always going to be students who graduate in the bottom of their medical school class, getting into a school is challenging. A professor once told me that many medical students have held an interest in medicine since they were young children. She went on further to explain that most have always been highly competitive which is required to success throughout medical school and a medical residency. Although, I have not always been happy with every doctor I’ve seen it would be wrong to not grant them credit. These individuals have often worked very hard to get to their position in life. No one in their right mind would want to put in the long hours required of a medical residency (post-medical school graduation) which happen to be extremely gruelling. Can you imagine having very little rest over a period of 36 hours and often going with little food during that time, because you are being run off your feet?

I forgot to add that writing an MCAT exam is necessary before one is even accepted at a medical school and the vast majority of schools require this exam. One most perform well on the MCAT. This is an expensive exam to write. If a potential student passes the paper process at the medical school they've applied to there is also an interview process. As far as I know a potential student most pay to apply to a medical school, and if not accepted they do not get a refund on the application. For that matter one most pay when applying to other types of schools as well.

Spuddy, there are many

Spuddy, there are many excellent doctors in the US. In the past, I have been helped by American physicians and I'm grateful to these wonderful doctors. They saved my life.

Unfortunately, this happens

Unfortunately, this happens in Canada too. That is there are doctors performing plastic surgery that have little training in these procedures. This must change. If I required plastic surgery I would want the plastic surgeon to do this for a reason.

The only one i disagree with

The only one i disagree with is the paramedics.They sure saved my life when my blood sugars were 1526.

They can get SHIP for their

They can get SHIP for their kids but as for themselves...

for themselves?........

for themselves?........

I'm glad you had a good

I'm glad you had a good experience(s) Blueskies, you deserve it, we all do...

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